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Veronica's Story

I am a retired early childhood educator and the former owner and operator of Friends Daycare and Preschool in Sacramento, California.  I am the founder of Faith Way Christian Academy located in New Providence in the Bahamas.  I am the former owner and operator of Intellect, a public relations and marketing company also located in New Providence in the Bahamas.  I am a former member of the Parliament of the Bahamas, as well as junior minister of education and founder of the Youth Entrepreneurship Program in New Providence.  Finally, I have had the pleasure of traveling to a number of Island nations of the Caribbean as a direct sales affiliate.


I am a proud Grammy of seven.  My two beautiful granddaughters are Cathy and Maya, and my five adorable grandsons are Jordan, Jeremiah, Alexis, Lawrence & Elijah. These amazingly adorable, and sometimes rambunctious, youngsters are such blessings and always make me smile.  My grandchildren are the very reason that I have migrated to the United States from the very culturally rich and naturally beautiful land where GOD lives, The Bahamas.










I’ve done a lot during my time on this beautiful earth.  With all of these experiences in my life so far, none of it can compare to the thrill and sheer joy of the path I am on now.  In this new season of my life, I would like to take this opportunity to share the gems and nuggets I have gathered with you all, utilizing this website as the platform to do so.  Hold on tight...this journey is sure to be enriching and exciting.

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