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Bright Minds will focus on enlightening the world on the true essence and beauty of Bahamians. I am hopeful that my people, especially those on the home soil, will be encouraged and inspired to put their best foot forward in their every endeavor. 

Bright Minds

The Nation of The Bahamas is blessed with every imaginable aspect of beauty. Its physical beauty takes prominence. The simple explanation for that is that the physical beauty of The Bahamas, which includes its citizens, grabs the attention. From the bright blue of a cloudless sky above, to the bright blue, the world's most pristine turquoise waters of the Atlantic Oceans, which surrounds the more than 700 islands and 2,400 Cays, each surrounded by blinding white beaches, the lush green flora and fauna below, and in the middle is less than half million of the most gentle and kind people, whose smiles sparkle like stars, and who live to serve. There is also the Spiritual beauty of The Bahamas, which encompasses the intellectual, and cultural beauty of its people, all says that GOD lives here, and is the aspect this piece will focus on. 


Academically, and Athletically, Bahamians have distinguished themselves globally. I have always been puzzled by the general less than notable performance of my people on the home soil, and even those who show outstanding academic and athletic abilities, this humble civilization, when put on a platform, or in an external arena, out performs superpowers. This phenomenon has led me to question the structure of our educational system, coupled with questions regarding how interested we, the people, are about encouraging each other's individual growth and development.

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Dr. Desiree Cox


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Zoe Brown

Rhodes Scholarship Finalist

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Shone Nairn, Jr.

Rhodes Scholarship Finalist

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