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Junkanoo 12/2024 - 1/2025 with Veronica in The Bahamas

Updated: 2 days ago

Bahamas Junkanoo YouTube still

What is Junkanoo?

Junkanoo is, as defined on The Bahamas' Government website (1), a Bahamian national festival. It is a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds.  The rhythmic sounds of cowbells, goat skin drums and whistles, accompanied by an array of brass instruments, create a sweet musical beat that will move you; while brilliantly colored costumes capture your eye, mesmerizing the viewers, bringing much visual delight. The following video from a series on PBS is an exceptional encapsulation of the experience!

New Providence Bahamas Junkanoo Parade YouTube still

This bi-annual cultural highlight takes place on Bay Street in New Providence and other Family Islands during the early morning hours, from 1:00a.m. - 9:00a.m. on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) and New Year’s Morning.  Junkanoo can also be experienced on many celebrated occasions such as Independence Day (July 10th).  There is also a Junior Junkanoo Parade in December, held in New Providence.

Junkanoo Costumes Vibrant Colors Bahamas Junkanoo YouTube

This Junkanoo Excursion will afford you the opportunity to be transformed from being an observer to becoming a participant. You will be given the experience of learning the art of pasting and actually contributing to the making of the costume you will parade in with a native Junkanoo group.

Experience Junkanoo 2024 in The Bahamas with Veronica's Gems


I'm including a link for a video, Junkanoo Summer Festival/ By Tourism Today Bahamas, that, should you take the time to watch, will help you develop an appreciation for the process of constructing Junkanoo costumes and give you an overview of the crash course that will be included in your excursion package. 

I am excited about hosting you over the course of a week on this all-inclusive Junkanoo Excursion.

If you want to catch a sneak peek of the festival from this year, check this out:


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