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Join an Adventure in The Bahamas on Andros Island, July 2024

Updated: Feb 10

I am someone who has never been afraid of change, therefore, I have made a number of major life shifts. In the journey of creating this website, I felt it appropriately named, in honor of my daughters, Veronica's gems.

Veronica's Gems is an encapsulation of my daughters, who are the blood flowing through my veins, and who I will introduce to you all in the not-too-distant future. However, an additional and equally important focus of Veronica's Gems is my homeland, The Bahamas, and my proud, gifted, and beautiful countrymen. 

When I Googled, "What is the most beautiful place on Earth from space," Astronaut Scott Kelley, the now world-famous astronaut is recorded, having called The Bahamas "the most beautiful place from space." Of course, The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, on behalf of the people of The Bahamas, couldn't wait to welcome him to our islands in the stream.

You'll have the opportunity to explore all islands of The Bahamas independently because one of my goals is to give back to the islands. You'll enjoy the immersive experiences hosted by your tour guide and Bahamian citizen, me. I decided there's no better place to start the memory making than to my home island, Andros!

Andros, the largest island in the Bahamas, is home to gaping portals to ancient worlds — at least 200 of them. These elusive "blue holes," or underwater cave systems, are a diver's mecca. Yet somehow, most of them are still waiting to be explored. Are you brave enough to take a dive?"

The excursion is scheduled for July 2024 and bookings are taking place now. From Nassau, New Providence, your one-week, all-inclusive package can be purchased through the website for $4,500 per person. That package price includes round trip air fare from NAS, accommodations, food and tours.

Andros is exceptionally blessed with an abundance of natural resources, some of which the excursion will highlight, and participants will experience. 

1. Experience a full day of touring and even swimming in Blue Holes - According to Ashley Gabriel of Discovery, wrote on September 01, 2019, "The Bahamas has more than 200 Blue Holes - and they're mostly unexplored.

2. Daytrip of Bone Fishing on the flats of the Joulter Cays

3. Bask in a day of snorkeling and deep-sea fishing on the Great Barrier Reef (recorded as the third largest barrier reef in the world).

4. Venture into the village for a day with the Red Bays, participating in the art of basket weaving, woodcarving, and learning the history of the "Black Seminoles." 

5. Spend a day relaxing on the beaches of Andros, taking in the beauty of the white sands and pristine aquamarine waters, then wrapping up with a trip night crabbing.

Without fear of contradiction, this excursion will give new meaning to the term "a vacation of a lifetime" - Come join us!

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