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Grammy says family values and a relationship with GOD are PRICELESS

Updated: May 20

I am Grammy to eight precious grandchildren - two are adults and two are fast approaching adulthood.

The most important and meaningful years of my life have been those nurturing the tender, impressionable minds of children, especially those who Almighty GOD has allowed me to call "my grandchildren." 

Veronica's Gems Raise Them Up in the Way They Should Go Raising Grandchildren

Prior to returning home to The Bahamas in 1990, I was the proprietor of Friends Nursery and Pre-school in Sacramento, California. Upon returning to The Bahamas, I joined the membership of Faith United Missionary Baptist Church. Soon after, I was asked by its pastor, Rev. Dr. William Thompson, to spearhead his longtime dream for the church he pastored and to expand its children's ministry. He desired to fortify their spiritual growth and development with a solid, well rounded college preparatory education, by establishing a school. I accepted his challenge and became the first principal of Faithway Christian Academy.

I returned to the United States in 2017 in answer to one of my daughter’s calls for support with caring for my grandchildren, as her husband, their dad, was an enlisted officer in the military. My daughter and I home schooled the children during the years of the pandemic. However, once the pandemic was officially declared over, and we felt that with the precaution of wearing a mask and the medically advised sanitizing protocols, we all ventured out. I successfully pursued a position as a Pre-K teacher with the school district where we live.

Family Values Do Unto Others Wisdom and Faith

Against this backdrop, fortified by GOD'S Holy Spirit, I am persuaded that I am being divinely mandated to impart some wisdom to the children and youth of the World. It is my hope that grandparents will find this blog helpful as they pour into the lives of their grandchildren.

Most of what I will share through this blog was imparted to me by my grandmother, who I called Mama. Since I am passing the torch of wisdom to my grandchildren, who call me Grammy, I'm beginning this blog with Mama's most popular idiom; Grammy says: "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU."

Whereas this idiom, understood, and taken to heart will benefit the children and young people of this generation, most of whom are self-centered, self-serving, with an "all about me" attitude, the world would look remarkably different if we would all adopt this attitude. We talk service in Christian settings, family values and a relationship with God, but we are allowing ourselves to be influenced by the world, which is oblivious to servanthood. Writing our fellowman off has become a casual occurrence, because "what about me?" Well, what about you? 

Our Creator has not only shown us but also left a written documentation of how we are to live with and treat each other. Jesus washed the feet of His disciples in spite of the fact that He was and is the son of GOD (or whatever you choose to call Him). GOD'S only begotten Son never asked once "what about me," as mankind treated Him worse than any other human being has ever been treated. He continued serving and loving us anyway.

North Little Rock Arkansas Eighth Street Missionary Baptist Church Life Lessons Trust in a Relationship with God

Sometimes life throws us curve balls and issues out bad breaks. It's inevitable, and these can be very painful times. However, if we walk in faith and sow seeds of wisdom by treating our fellow man as we would like to be treated, GOD will honor our faithfulness and reward us in His time. Even our experiences in the valley prove how wonderful taking your mind off yourself and blessing others makes you feel. The seeds of kindness you plant will reap an abundant harvest of GOD'S blessings and favor. Who among us can beat GOD'S giving? This is what Grammy says! What do you say?

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