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Discover a Makerspace - Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Oh, by gosh, by golly! I have found the most incredible gem that will be hard to beat. I'm referring to the Innovation Hub. Never heard of it, right? Neither had I before a couple weeks ago.

It mirrors the concept of the Community Billboard on this website. It affords businesspersons all the amenities needed to successfully operate their business for a very small overhead. If you've ever tried to start your own business, you know that the space alone could run you into thousands of dollars per month. The Innovation Hub epitomizes the definition of collaboration.

There are six categories for membership. Hold on to your seat, because when you see these prices, you're bound to fall off your chair.

Memberships and Benefits

1. INDIVIDUALS - $50.00 per person per Month.

  • Access to all areas and resources, including co-working,

  • making, and designing spaces and equipment.

  • Discounted admission to workshops and classes.

  • Free high-speed internet.

2. ACADEMIC - $25.00 per person per Month.

  • Includes all benefits of individual Membership.

  • For those enrolled in a 2 to 4 year post-secondary education trade school, university, or college.

  • Must provide an active education email address or show an active student ID.

3. MILITARY - $25.00 per person per Month.

  • Includes all benefits of individual Membership.

  • For active military and veteran service member and families.

4. CO-WORKING - $15.00 per person per Month.

  • Share an open workspace.

  • Printer with Wi-Fi access.

  • Reservable conference room.

  • Free coffee.

5. TEACHER - $25.00 per person per Month.

  • Includes all benefits of individual Membership.

  • For current and retired teachers.

  • For PreK-12 and College/University educators

6. SENIOR - $25.00 per person per Month.

  • Includes all benefits of individual Membership.

  • For those ages 65+

How and where else would one find business space, in a prime commercial area, and with everything one needs to successfully manage a business operation?

In addition to the membership benefits, the Innovation Hub offers to the general public educational and vocational classes and workshops. These are free to Members, and any cost to the public is minimum. For example, in April 2023, the following classes and workshops were offered,

  1. Learn To Turn

  2. Wheel Throwing

  3. Photography For Beginners

  4. Handbuilding

  5. Building A Raised Garden Planter

  6. Sawtastic

  7. Pen Turning

  8. Laser

  9. Vector Design

  10. Fused Glass Suncatcher

  11. Screenprinting

In May, the Innovation Hub offered the following classes and workshops,

  1. Ecommerce 101

  2. Screen Printing 101 Bootcamp

  3. Kitchen Knife Makeover

  4. Fused Glass

  5. Drawing

You also don't want to miss the Summer Camp, at Saint Joseph Center of Arkansas, posted on the bulletin board.

I am not easily wowed, but the Innovation Hub renders my vocabulary wanting. So, I invite potential entrepreneurs in the Little Rock and surrounding areas to check it out. (

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I love The Hub!!! I found this space about a year ago when I started my business and can't get enough. The employees are very nice and helpful, each a master of their own craft or skill. I have taken a Try-It Wheel Throwing class - I'm no Demi Moore, but I definitely want to get certified so I can create my own pottery. Bernie is the best! Go by for a tour of the space sometime... you won't regret it.

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